Parenting has become a profession - a profession whose bar has been set so high no-one can realistically expect to meet it. And yet, as mothers, we try.   And we fail.  Or at least we feel as though we fail.  
Bad Mother could be any of us: just trying to get it right - whatever ‘right’ is - and generally feeling crap and guilty for somehow getting it wrong.

Welcome to the madness of modern motherhood …

Susie has been a Bad Mother for almost 10 years.  She hasn’t actually done anything really bad … yet.  She just feels bad - for things she has done, and things she hasn’t. Bad Mother showcases some of her more neurotic moments.

It stars the supremely talented Laura Patch, supported by a strong female cast, but not always by her husband, played with effortless insouciance by Kevin Bishop.  

No children were harmed in the making of these films, but a lot of adults were, and we are sincerely indebted to them all.  

Bad Mother is written by Susie Gilmour, created by Susie Gilmour and Matt Winn, directed by Matt Winn, and produced by Jeremy Campbell and Charlie Watson.